Bob Willard to Discuss the Future of Sustainability Reporting

Experienced business leader and author Bob Willard will kick off NAEM’s Corporate Sustainability Management conference on April 17 in Arlington, Va. with an update on the Global Initiative for Sustainability Rating’s (GISR) efforts to create a world-class standard for sustainability analytics.

Drawing on insights from his 34-year career with IBM Canada, Mr. Willard is an expert in how to proactively avoid risks and capture opportunities by using smart environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategies.

“The GISR is emerging as an influential voice in the conversation about the role and value of environment, social and governance ratings,” said NAEM Executive Director Carol Singer Neuvelt. “We hope all conference attendees will view this meeting as a chance to help improve the external reporting process going forward.”

NAEM’s annual sustainability symposium will provide actionable insights for corporate environment, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability leaders via peer-presented case studies and roundtable discussions.

The speakers include:

  • Patrick Doherty, Director of the Smart Strategy Initiative at the New America Foundation
  • Bob Willard, Corporate Sustainability Author; Sustainability Advantage
  • Maribeth Malloy, Director of Environmental Sustainability & Employee Engagement; Lockheed Martin Co.
  • James Voyles, Director of Environmental Affairs; The Mosaic Co.
  • Jennifer Verrine, Director, Retail EHS; The Estee Lauder Co.’s. (Invited)
  • Dr. Allen L. White, Vice President and Senior Fellow; Tellus Institute
  • Mark Serwinowski, President and Founder, MetaVu Inc.
  • Laura Clise, Director, Sustainable Development; AREVA (Invited)
  • Mark Tulay, Program Manager; GISR

NAEM’s agenda also includes interactive discussions on:

  • Next generation sustainability goal setting: Where to go after you reached the first summit?
  • Developing a strategy to manage Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) requests for sustainability data
  • Taking your sustainability reporting to the next level

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