My Top 10 NAEM Moments

As part of our celebration for Member Appreciation Week we asked Emily Barton to share her top 10 NAEM moments:

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Emily Barton

1.      Realizing I was not alone: It was at my first NAEM event, an Environmental Management Information Systems workshop hosted by Anheuser-Busch that I first realized there are a whole lot of people like me out there. My network opened up exponentially that day and I knew it was the beginning of a beautiful affiliation (and not just because of the refreshments!).

2.      Attending my first NAEM Forum:  My first Forum in Atlanta in 1996 is memorable, not only for the rich programming and meeting my peers, but also because in an effort to save my company money, I stayed at a Howard Johnson down the street.  (Some of you may also remember a similar story at the Orlando Forum, where I had to cross a 6 lane highway each day to get to the Forum…) This was also the moment when Carol used her unparalleled powers of persuasion to convince all of us in the Chicago area to start a local chapter.

3.      Kicking off the Lake Michigan Chapter in 1997:  We signed a charter and held our inaugural Chapter meeting at the Wrigley building on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.   The topic was “Environmental Management Systems” (woo – hot topic!),  and we had a turnout of over 50 people.  Kelvin Roth (outgoing national President) and Roberto Piccioni were instrumental members of the founding committee and still active NAEM members today.

4.      Putting my NAEM network to the test:  When I moved to Boston and landed a job, it reminded me that this community will always be there for me. And I am fairly certain that at some point in my career, I will need to put it to the test again!

5.      Participating in the NAEM-sponsored Carnegie Mellon certificate program:  In 2003 I spent four weeks of the year in Pittsburgh with some fellow NAEM members.   You may not think that four weeks in Pittsburgh should fall into anyone’s Top 10 life moments, but it was a great experience (and a really cool city)!  We learned so much from each one another and had a lot of fun.  Some current NAEM members that “graduated” with me that year were Debbie Hammond, Theresa Jordan, Glen Eckberg, Mario Varela, Nicola Davey and John Kahabka.  Through this experience, I learned that I am an ENFP, a personality type I share with Dr. Seuss (thank you Meyers and Briggs!).

6.      Witnessing Larry Deeney’s skills on the dance floor for the very first time:  Who knew he had it in him? Ever since we saw him in action at the Orlando Forum in 2002, he has been entertaining us with his dance skills. Let’s also not forget the fact that he chaired the self-proclaimed “Best…Forum…EVER”.

7.      The 2003 Board of Directors meeting in the Sonoma Valley and the 2004 Board of Directors meeting in Nantucket: Enough said.

8.      The Hayride at Traders Point Creamery before the 2010 Forum in Indy:  After the Board of Regents meeting last fall, we were treated to a dusting from the manure sprinkler and we just about lost several board members off the back of the trailer, when the tractor pulling us ran over an irrigation pipe.  The driver/owner was a little bit embarrassed, but luckily we wiped the smell from our memory in time to enjoy a delicious farm dinner.    If you can buy Traders Point Creamery Ice Cream anywhere near where you live, I strongly suggest you do.

9.      Attending 10 Forums and counting, along with numerous workshops and web seminars:  Through these programs, I have made invaluable connections.  I constantly find myself referring back to presentations and notes from the programming and have also been able to  travel to great parts of our beautiful continent.   Two of my most memorable Forums were in Canada (Vancouver and Montreal) so let’s rally for future Canadian locations!  Note:  I am sure Virginia et al, will also appreciate me mentioning that serving on the Forum committee for three years also has  been very rewarding!

10.  Connecting to all of you: Between sharing some amazing meals, raising a glass or two, laughing and dancing the bright people in this community have broadened my perspective and shown me a great time along the way!


About Emily Barton

Emily Barton is a Corporate Environmental Manager for Motorola Mobility, focusing on EHS governance, climate change and product stewardship. She has been with Motorola for more than 10 years and has served on the NAEM Board of Directors, Board of Regents and as president of NAEM’s Lake Michigan local networking group.

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  1. Roberto Piccioni

    February 7, 2011

    Emily, Your article focuses on what you have received from NAEM. But you know, they say you get more when you give more. Emily – that’s you! You have always been great to work with organizing and sharing and helping all over. If you have received any value from NAEM, it’s been a 100 fold multiplier for the rest of us. Very best wishes, Roberto Piccioni

  2. David Newman

    February 7, 2011

    Emily, you’re right on with your list. The NAEM forums and interacting with Board members have been fantastic opportunities to grow and encourage others’ growth. –David

  3. Larry Deeney

    February 8, 2011

    Dancing? – what dancing? After all, isn’t NAEM a professional organization with no time for socialization?
    Thanks for the list, Emily. Aside from #6, it’s a nice summation of what makes NAEM so special. It’s a great community made up of fantastic people; folks who like to work hard (and occasionally play hard, too)!
    I’m already looking forward to the 2011 Forum in Tucson…

  4. Judi Fox

    February 11, 2011

    This is a great list, Emily.

    Thank you for sharing. I am glad that we have crossed paths through NAEM and I hope that we can see each other at another event soon 🙂

    I was glad to see Larry’s dance moves made the top 10 list – one of my favorite NAEM annual forum evening events was the river boat cruise in Savannah, Georgia. Everyone was breaking out the Michael Jackson moves.

    Thanks again for sharing!

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