Ask the Board: How do you live your values at work and in your personal life?

Q: How do you live your values at work and in your personal life?

A: On a personal level, I feel like it’s just part of who I am. I’ve always had a personal passion for environmental and social responsibility and it’s something that fully transcends everything that I do. I sit on the board of a nonprofit, I volunteer, I read to a first grader every other week, I mentor, I went to Nepal with Habitat for Humanity.

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Professionally, that passion is something I’ve been able to translate into a career and have technical skills around it at the same time.There are going to be highs and lows, and you’re always evolving and adapting as you go, but what’s always constant are my values and the vision that I have for improving the environment, or giving back to the communities.

So when things get tough, or when things aren’t going your way or when there’s a change of leadership, or there’s a hurdle, how I persevere is knowing what I’m doing and that I’m committed to keeping to my personal mission, which is to the environment and to giving back to the communities where I live. I try as much as possible to put these principles into action in my work.

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Johanna Jobin is Head of Corporate Responsibility and Community Affairs at EMD Millipore Corp., and a member of the NAEM Board of Directors. You can follow her on Twitter @JohannaJobin.

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