Creative Funding for Remediation and Sustainability Projects

Did you know that there is grant funding available for just about any environmental and sustainability project?

Whether you’re interested in updating your fleet or investing in an energy-efficiency project, or even conducting a brownfield site assessment, there are ways to supplement or even completely fund your work using grants. The trick is to know where to look (and how to make the pitch). Here are some examples of the more then $10 million in grants that our company has helped our clients win:

  • Converting a diesel fleet to liquid natural gas: We recently helped Kroger Corp.  secure funding to turnover a Houston based truck fleet from diesel fuel to liquid natural gas. Together, we worked to meet with the funding agency, collect all necessary information and put forth an application for more than $1.5 million in grant funds to replace 29 diesel fueled distribution trucks.
  • Federal funding for shore power infrastructure:  We worked with a west coast international seaport to pursue and win federal funding for a Shore Power Infrastructure Project. This project provides critical infrastructure that allows marine vessels to shut down their auxiliary engines and plug into shore power infrastructure. This is a critical infrastructure and emission reduction project.
  • Transportation project funding: We’ve also worked with the City of Coachella in southern California to secure more than $5 million in transportation project funding from the South Coast Air Quality Management District and we’ve also supported several San Diego County municipalities pursue and win federal grant funds for site assessment and clean-up of brownfield properties.

The search for a viable funding source can be daunting. Federal, state, local and foundation grants come in all shapes and sizes, and most importantly, with all sorts of strings attached. The question, “where do I begin?” is not uncommon. It’s also important to know how to manage the grant once the project begins.  For advice on how to incorporate grants into your project funding, please join me on April 16 when I’ll share strategies and lessons learned.





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Ryan Gragnano is Business Development Associate with E2 ManageTech Inc. Over the past five years he has helped secure more than $10M in grant funding for clients' transportation and infrastructure projects. He holds a Master's degree in Environmental Studies (Policy and Planning).

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