Sowing the Seeds of a New Green Professional

Luigi Pecoraro

Through my work with environmentally-focused graduate students at the The Stuart School of Business at IIT, I’ve noticed the emergence of a different kind of MBA candidate. Today’s students share a mindset that values creative thinking, purposeful living and championing causes using a professional approach.

Jane recently completed her law degree and passed the bar in July, but is more enamored with the degree she is pursuing in Environmental Management and Sustainability. She plans to start a consulting company that supports the greening of buildings or start a renewable energy company that converts waste to alternative heat sources.

Doug has been an equity trader for almost 20 years, and now he wants to use his agricultural agronomics background and his new studies of sustainable enterprise into shaping and forming environmental policy.

Are these students unique individuals or have the values of sustainability taken root beneath the cultural soil?

I’d love to hear from you. For those of you who are responsible for hiring new talent for your EHS and sustainability programs, what are some of the characteristics of today’s young professionals? Are values playing a bigger role in who enters the field today?

About Luigi Pecoraco

Luigi Pecoraco is the Directing the Career Management Center for IIT’s Stuart School of Business. As principal of Professional Development Programs, he consults on Human Resource and Business Development Issues, and is leading the effort to translate the school’s mission into greater opportunities for its students.

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  1. Stephen Evanoff

    January 20, 2011


    Thanks for your sharing your observations and experiences about the emerging generation of business management professionals. As an IIT alumnus, it is good to hear that the Suart School is atrracting environmentally-oriented students.

    My anecdotal experience aligns with yours. Recent law school, buisiness school and science and engineering graduates that I know have a principle-based interest in and sensitivity to environmental issues. I’ve known of MBA and law students who selected their programs based on the opportunity to incorporate energy and environmental issues into their studies. My sense is that this trend will continue and expand with time.

  2. Milan L Dayalal

    January 21, 2011

    LP – We at Dakota call them the “M” Generation. A large portion of the recent grdas are looking for “meaningful” professions; ones where they can make an impact to whatever their passion is – community, environment, etc. So there is some correlation there. Good observation, keep sharing them.
    Happy new Year!

  3. Virginia

    January 21, 2011

    I love that term, “The M Generation.” Thanks for sharing that Milan.

    I also like the way you framed the question Luigi, “have the values of sustainability taken root beneath the cultural soil?”

    I think the answer is absolutely. By enlarge students today have a much more global perspective and with that comes a heightened sensitivity and concern about global environmental issues. Now we just need to make sure that they also get the necessary science, math and engineering curriculum that will yield real problem solving ability.

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